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The first mobile, luxury, compact, powerful, all-purpose, reusable Jet vaporizer diffuser to hit the market.

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Take Flight

The first mobile, compact, powerful, all-purpose, reusable Jet vapor diffuser to hit the market.

Subtle Escape Flight Vaporizer
Subtle Escape Jet Vaporizer

Jet Vaporizer Pen

Jet diffuser is the smallest reusable luxury vaporizer on the market. It’s the best luxury vape on the market because it’s easy and discreet for users, and a very affordable option as an introductory Escape product. It includes one Jet diffuser battery, one tank and micro usb charger.

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      What People are Saying

      Subtle Escape Reviews

      “Extremely Subtle & Sleek”

      “Best First Class Vape System!!!! Extremely subtle and sleek! Great for traveling and on the go!” Carrie

      Subtle Escape Reviews

      “I take mine everywhere”

      “I absolutely love my Flight device, I take mine everywhere because of its great compact size! ” Rachel

      Subtle Escape Reviews

      “Always ready”

      “My favorite thing about my Flight is how it is a battery pack that always keeps the pens charged and ready to hit!” Nick

      Subtle Escape Reviews

      “I’ve never seen anything like it”

      “I love how original the Flight is, whenever I bring it out of my pocket everyone is shocked at the little device, I’ve never seen anything like it.” Baron

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