What is Escape?

What is Subtle Escape all about? Escape is a 3-piece top of the line luxury vaporizing system. It is compact, consistent and classy with high end appeal. The 3 pieces are the Flight, the Jets and the Tanks.

Escape was created from the heart of a small team of  professionals based in Denver, CO. We came together to fill a void, and to improve the lives of our customers and beyond. We truly believe in this product, and in a lifestyle in need of a full-time vaporizing system. We sourced the absolute best hardware and battery engineering around to build the best luxury vape pen. Our flight is built to last. We are young professionals, looking for a convenient and modern way to Escape that never holds us back. This device is tough, strong and beautiful to meet our customer’s needs.

We needed a way to diversify our experience, to complement our desires to try new things and adventure. This is where the Jets came from. We designed a smaller battery, that hits harder. Engineered to draw without effort for the smoothest and most consistent vaping experience possible. Having two Jets lets you utilize two different oils at a time. This way, you always have what you need, and are not restricted to carrying one oil at a time.

The Escape team is so proud to bring this new vaping system to the market and we can’t wait to Escape with you.

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