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ID Number:


True name:

Subtle Escape, LLC

Form of entity:

Limited Liability Company



The trademark is a special form trademark and a description of the attached drawing is:



A description of the attached specimen sufficient to identify the nature of the specimen is:

A web page photo of the trademark in use on the client web page in connection with services.

The date of first use in commerce of the trademark in this state by such entity or such entity’s predecessor in interest is:


The registrant identified above is currently using the trademark in commerce in this state and such registrant believes, in good faith, that such registrant has the right to use the trademark in connection with the goods or services listed above and such registrant’s use of the trademark does not infringe the rights of any other person in that trademark.


This form/cover sheet, and any related instructions, are not intended to provide legal, business or tax advice, and are furnished without representation or warranty. While this form/cover sheet is believed to satisfy minimum legal requirements as of its revision date, compliance with applicable law, as the same may be amended from time to time, remains the responsibility of the user of this form/cover sheet. Questions should be addressed to the user’s legal, business or tax advisor(s).

Recent Press

Subtle Escape continues to be the foremost place where creative individuals congregate to share their ideas and creations. Reuters

Subtle Escape is playing an increasingly important role as an arbiter of arts and culture in the cyber landscape. Vice

Company Info

Escape is a first-class, elite vaporizing system. It was designed by enthusiasts who’ve commercialized their love for high-end, high-tech goods.

The Escape brand and products were designed to fuel our on-the-go lifestyle with built-in power banks that offer long-term mobile charging, and are the smallest, most discrete vaporizers on the market.


March 2017

Office Location:

Denver, CO

Device/Hardware “locations”:

In addition to the retail stores, all devices and hardware can be purchased through our website and shipped across the world.

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